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Overwatch keep is the stronghold of the House Aelfwar in Silverwood.

Overwatch Keep

Prince Hylas at his throne

Prince Hylas overlook his armies' operations from his throne in the Overwatch keep as they execute his plans to farther aid the Greenscale in the invasion from the plane of life into Telara.

Low level players (10-15) from Guardians' faction will spend a fair amount of time questing in this area. This area contains a large number of hostile Aelfwar who range from 15 to 20 level and as of that lower level players must be careful if the road lead them close to Overwatch keep.

Right Behind the quest giving NPC's, Emilyn Summers, and Niall Adnar, There is a Mysterious Plaque.

A view of the NPC's from the front

A view of the NPC's from the back

This plaque when activated will take you atop one of the many towers surrounding the Keep. The accessable towers also have Plaques on them. thiese plaques when activated take you to a random tower around the Keep. Artifacts can be bound atop thiese towers. one of them include Bahralt - The City