Planar currencies are earned by fighting rifts, invasions and planar footholds. They can be used to purchase Ascended Powers and equipment from planar goods vendors, such as Planar Foci and essences.

The most basic planar currency is Planarite which is rewarded for participating in any planar event. It is part of the cost of every planar good.

Additionally there are different types of rare quality Sourceshards and epic quality Sourcestones which drop from major or epic events. The sourceshards and sourcestones available in a zone correspond to the zone's level range.

The amount of Planarite and the chance of a sourceshard increases with the player's participation in the the event. The more stages they are present for and help in, the greater their reward at the end. Before patch 1.1, players were checked against one another for contribution points, with only the top players receiving sourceshards [1].

Sourceshards and Planarite may also be obtained from quests offered by Ancient Wardstones.

Addiontally, Crystal Sourcestones are awarded by 5-player group daily quests to defeat epic rifts. To open these rifts, players need 5 souls from expert dungeon bosses as well as a Husk, which is sold by Rift Faction merchants for 250 Planarite and 500 Planarite for Expert and Raid Rifts, respectively. Combined, the expert dungeon boss items and the Husks will make a lure used to open the epic rift. Using the lure at a planar tear will activate the event. Crystal Sourcestones will also drop from the Expert or Raid Rift, but they have a particularly low drop rate. The Crystal Sourcestones can be used to buy items at the plane-specific vendors in Meridian or Sanctum.


  1. Rift 1.1 Patch Notes -
Name Level Zones
[Planarite] any any
[Corrupted Sourceshard]
[Corrupted Sourcestone]
6-20 Freemarch, Silverwood
[Cursed Sourceshard]
[Cursed Sourcestone]
20-30 Stonefield, Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge
[Vile Sourceshard]
[Vile Sourcestone]
30-40 Scarwood Reach, Moonshade Highlands, Droughtlands
[Ancient Sourceshard]
[Ancient Sourcestone]
40-50 Iron Pine Peak, Shimmersand, Stillmoor
[Crystal Sourcestone]
[Inscribed Sourcestone]
50 any