Telara is a world nestled at the intersection of several powerful planes of reality, the very forces that make up all existence. The planes form a nexus of energy around Telara, and it is this unrivaled power that first attracted the mighty elemental gods of the Blood Storm.

Led by Regulos, the god of Death and consisting of six gods, each possesing a power over a distincitve element, the Blood Storm had turned on itself when it arrived at Telara, as each god sought Telara to be under his own rule. This infighting allowed the people of Telara and their gods, the Vigil, to strike back, imprisoning the members of the Blood Storm one by one. The Vigil then erected the Ward, a magical shield to protect it from the planes in which the Blood Storm's gods have been imprisoned. Although, lately, the Ward was breached by Regulos, killing many in an event named the Shade.

In the 80 years since then, rifts have begun to appear throughout Telara, tearing through the ward and serving as breaches for monstrosities to invade through one of the six planes in which they reside [1][2]:

The Planes

Plane of Air-Concept.jpg
Plane of Air
Cavernous Zone.jpg
Plane of Death
Plane of Earth-Concept.jpg
Plane of Earth
Plane of Fire-Concept.jpg
Plane of Fire
Life-concept 01.jpg
Plane of Life
Plane of Water-Concept.jpg
Plane of Water


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