Player versus player combat (PvP) in Rift: Planes of Telara, is between the two factions in the game - the Guardians and the Defiant - who disagree violently regarding how best way to deal with the apocalypse that is facing the world.[1] The game will feature both PvP and PvE rulesets, have both Open World PvP and "warfront" PvP, and will feature city raids.

You know what is great about PvP? PvP is truly dynamic, because players are the most dangerous game.[2]


Rift: Planes of Telara was planned for PvP from the beginning[3], and classes and abilities are balanced with PvP in mind[4]. The game features both PvE- and PvP-ruleset servers.[5] PvP is possible on PvE servers, but must be consensual.[6]

PvP also takes place in both battlegrounds (called Warfronts) and the open world.[7] Warfronts are tiered by level, and feature maps such as capture the flag.[8] The game also features city raids[8], and faction leaders are attackable and can be killed, but will not provide loot. [9] There are also zone-scaled invasions, where the guardians can be off, fighting over their side of the world and if you are defiant, well, you can go over there and mess with it . It definitely gives a new meaning to dynamic PvP in RIFT.[10]


PvP rewards players in several ways. By doing PvP you can gain Favor which in return will unlock the ability to purchase Armour, Weapons and new Souls.. Players will also gain Prestige by doing PvP which will allow them to rank up, ranking up allows the player to purchase new gear and get new abilities for their PvP Souls. PvP gear will increase Valor which is a stat specifically for mitigating damage received from other players. [11] You can level with PVP, but you will need to PVE sometimes. [12]

Behind the Scenes[]

Trion Worlds aims to "get the terror" out of PvP; PvP scaring "a lot of people" off is a pet peeve of David Reid's.[13]



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