Port Scion
Port scion


Level 6-10
Subzone of Unknown

Backstory[ | ]

This city was founded by those fleeing the Shade under Zareph, former prince of the Mathosian empire which was destroyed in the event.[1] Soon, the Bahmi would arrive and help raise the walls to great heights further strengthening the grand city. However, as the rifts began to open and the threats from the planes increased, the gates of this great city were sealed.[2][3]

The city fell when Prince Zareph was betrayed by the Guardian Alsbeth, now known as Alsbeth the Discordant. She helped to destroy the Defiant-created barrier over the city and open a death rift to allow in the forces of Regulos. The Guardians and Defiants fled the city and both factions now blame the other for its fall.[4]

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Screenshots[ | ]

Yarnosaur-near Port Scion 01
Yarnosaur-near Port Scion 02
Female Dwarf Warrior-OutsidePortScion

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