Healing and Support
Calling: Cleric
Primary Stat: Wisdom
Weapons: Mace and Shield/Totem
Abilities: Listed here
Armor: Chain

The tradition of the Purifier begins with a baptism by fire, a test of faith from which only the strongest souls emerge. Those who pass are reborn as masters of the curative secrets of fire, able to heal the most grievous wounds with a searing touch.

These Clerics also draw upon a pact with their long-dead ancestors as the source of their offensive power. While the Purifier wreathes his allies in flames, he unleashes a spirit vanguard to visit his wrath upon his foes.

Description[ | ]

Strengths[ | ]

Purifiers dedicate themselves to mastering the healing properties of fire, and as such are potent support Clerics who can burn away disease and instantly cauterize the most horrific wounds.

Weaknesses[ | ]

Purifiers are not known for their offensive capabilities, and while they are capable of marshaling the fury of their ancestors to strike down foes, they rapidly lose ground against the focused assault of a determined melee combatant.

Gameplay[ | ]

The Purifier is a powerful single-target healer with an assortment of shields and blessings. It is great for tank healing in dungeons. Combined with the Sentinel or the Warden (or both) for more area heals, it becomes part of a very powerful healing role.

It is also a great choice to combine with offensive caster souls like the Cabalist or the Inquisitor for soloing or off-healing.

Background[ | ]

In the time of the Blood Storm, a witch-doctor named Talos Roda fled into the volcanic jungles of Aegea when his village was overrun by the Dragonian servants of Maelforge. For days, he lay in a fever, his wounds festering as his life slipped away. At the end of the fourth night, Roda found himself surrounded by flickering motes of flame and the whispering spirits of his ancestors. These sprits promised him vengeance if he formed a pact with them and became their conduit to the physical world.

Agreeing to their terms, Talos found one of the motes dancing in his hand. He touched it to his leg and it closed the wound, burning away the infection. It was agony, but when the flames died, Talos’ leg was fully healed.

His spiritual powers now bolstered by the primal forces of fire, Talos returned to his village and descended upon its oppressors. Before a sword could rise against him, he unleashed a firestorm that engulfed the entire village. The flames tormented both sides, but whereas the Dragonians were burned to ash, the Elves found their wounds miraculously healed and their souls bolstered by ancestor spirits. From that day forth, Talos and his people went on the offensive, striving to break Maelforge’s control over their lands.

Such a blazing a display of spiritual might has never been seen again, but many Clerics have followed in Roda’s footsteps, striking pacts with sprits of flame. Known as Purifiers, these holy men draw forth cleansing fires to heal their allies, and use the fury of their ancestors to strike down all who threaten their way of life. [1]

"Steel yourself! Though the agony be great, my cleansing flames will burn away the darkness within, and reforge your very soul."

Training Locations[ | ]

Guardian[ | ]

Sanctum: In the opposite end of the city entrance, on the second floor of the dye shop.

Defiant[ | ]

Meridian: On the Cleric floor of the Tower.

Abilities[ | ]

Images[ | ]

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References[ | ]

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