Iron Tomb
End bossRagnoth the Despoiler
Instance info
Advised level17-21
Minimum level15
Player limit5

Ragnoth the Despoiler is a dragonoid that is controlled by Alsbeth. He is the final boss in normal mode of Iron Tomb. He is a melee attack-based boss.

Players battle Ragnoth the Despoiler in the Iron Tomb.

Ragnoth the Despoiler is the third and final boss in the Iron Tomb.[1]

This is the last boss of the instance and it’s not a spank and tank. It requires movement of everyone in the group. Ragnoth has three attacks; Gout of Flame, which is a single target DD spell, Chaotic Flame which is a PBAOE (frontal cleave) spell, and lastly Flame of Ragnoth. If you get hit with Flame of Ragnoth, you will most likely wipe. It’s an AOE attack spell that applies a DOT to everyone that is nearly impossible to heal through unless you are over geared for the instance. However there is a way to avoid it.

At the start of the fight he is facing an altar. The tank should head in and grab aggro and manuever Ragnoth to face away from the party so the cleave doesn’t hit anyone else. At this point it’s a simple tank and spank. As we have mentioned though, Ragnoth will periodically cast Flame of Ragnoth. Fortunately for us, Eliam’s Ghost is here to save us.

Be very aware of your surroundings. As Ragnoth begins his cast, Eliam’s Ghost will arrive at one of a few random location near the decorative idols periodically surrounding the dais. Run into the light and you will not be affected by the Flame. However Ragnoth will follow you over so the tank must be careful to back up and not turn around so he or she does not gain exposure.

Repeat this cycle and you will win your loot and the dungeon. Once Ragnoth is dead, Eliam’s Ghost will appear and open a portal out of the dungeon for you.

Loot drops[]



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