Raj Tahleed

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Raj Tahleed
Dean of Planar Studies
Level: 50
Type: Normal Named
Zone: Meridian
Area: Epoch Plaza
Plane: Plane of
Coordinates: Unknown
Faction Affiliation
Defiant: Friendly
Guardian: Neutral
Noteriety rewards
  • [[]]

Discussion[edit | edit source]

I have studied the planes my entire life. I never expected, as a young scholar, to see our world converge so completely with one. It has been an interesting time to live in, if tragic.

There are too many cultist between here and Rubicon![edit | edit source]

Yes, the cultist have been establishing footholds in the Lost March. One of these Wraith battle constructs should be able to clear a path for you to our forces at Rubicon

Can you launch a construct now?[edit | edit source]