Role has different meanings, depending on the context. In a general sense, a role is a player's responsibility in a group. These roles include tanks, dps, healers, and other support. In particular for Rift, Roles are saved builds of Souls.

General Roles[]

General roles include tanks, dps, healers, and support. Souls generally can be categorized into one of those roles, but not every calling will have all roles available to them.

Additional souls are available for PvP combat:

Rift Roles[]

Roles are purchasable from trainers. These are sets of souls that you can activate at any time. When purchased, the role is empty and you must choose 3 souls. The amount of skill points you have from your level will be available to place into these souls. At every level you will gain at least 1 skill point in every role. You are able to have 4 separate roles. Each additional role that you buy costs more.

You can swap between each role with ease, but only out of combat.

Cost of Roles[]

  • 1st role - Free
  • 2nd role - 30gold
  • 3rd role - 3platinum95gold
  • 4th role - 21platinum95gold
  • 5th role - 100platinum
  • 6th role - 100platinum
  • 7th role - 900platinum
  • 8th role - 900platinum
  • 9th role - 900platinum