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Runecrafting is a crafting profession used to create runeshards and runes which are used to augment equipment with bonuses such as +dexterity and +spell crit. The raw materials required are obtained from other magical items that have had the runebreak skill used on them.

Trainers and Recipe Vendors[ | ]

Trainers[ | ]

A Runecrafting trainer can only teach you recipes and profession levels up to his own level. This means a Novice Runecrafter NPC will be unable to teach you a recipe for which the Skilled Runecrafter profession grade is required.

Trainers can be found in the following locations:

Guardian Areas[ | ]

Defiant Areas[ | ]

Contested Areas[ | ]

Recipe Vendors[ | ]

Recipe Vendors can be found in the following locations:

Guardian Areas[ | ]

Defiant Areas[ | ]

Runebreaking[ | ]

Runebreaking is the act of using the Runebreak skill on a magical item in order to create the materials needed to craft Runes. There is an element of randomness in Runebreaking - each item does not always yield the same base materials when broken. Higher level items will yield more materials from runebreaking.

For each range of item level you need to have a certain level of runecrafting skill to runebreak it. If you do not have skill high enough to runebreak an item it will often say in the item mouseover tooltip the skill level you need to runebreak it, or if you try to runebreak it without sufficient skill level a message will say what skill level you need.

Skill Item Level
1 1-18
75 19-28
150 29-38
225 39-50

NOTE: there is currently a bug when you try to runebreak items higher than your skill it will say you need 1 more skill than you actually require. For example, it will say you need 76 skill to runebreak item level 19-28 but when you reach 75 skill you will in fact be able to runebreak items of this level range.

You can runebreak any uncommon or higher quality weapons, armor, accessories and planar items with the exception of vendor bought items of these types.

Runebreaking uncommon items can produce Uncommon Powder, Uncommon Shards, and Uncommon Crystals, as well as other uncommon quality components. Rare (blue) items produce Rare Powder, Rare Shards, and Rare Crystals instead of uncommon ones, and likewise epic (purple) items produce Epic Powder, Epic Shards, and Epic Crystals. You can often also get random uncommon runecrafting materials when runebreaking a rare (blue) items.

Upgrading Components[ | ]

Runecrafting components can be upgraded by using the item as long as the required number of components are available for the upgrade.

Upgrades are processed in a cycle. That means that if you begin with the lowest tier of one type of material, you can eventually upgrade it to the highest tier of it's type, and finally back into the lowest tier.

To upgrade a component, right click on it. If you have the correct number of that component, they will be transformed into 1 unit of the next higher grade component of the same type. Consult the tables below for exact Upgrade procedures and results.

Uncommon Upgrades
icon THIS into THAT icon
Uncommon powder 3 x Uncommon Powder = 1 x Uncommon Shard Uncommon shard
Uncommon shard 3 x Uncommon Shard = 1 x Uncommon Crystal Uncommon crystal
Uncommon crystal 1 x Uncommon Crystal = 9 x Uncommon Powder Uncommon powder
Rare Upgrades
Rare powder 3 x Rare Powder = 1 x Rare Shard Rare shard
Rare shard 3 x Rare Shard = 1 x Rare Crystal Rare crystal
Rare crystal 1 x Rare Crystal = 9 x Rare Powder Rare powder
Kinetic Upgrades
icon THIS into THAT icon
Kinetic arc 5 x Kinetic Arc = 1 x Kinetic Charge Kinetic charge
Kinetic charge 3 x Kinetic Charge = 1 x Kinetic Burst Kinetic burst
Kinetic burst 1 x Kinetic Burst = 15 x Kinetic Arc Kinetic arc

Perpetual Upgrades
icon THIS into THAT icon
Perpetual blur 5 x Perpetual Blur = 1 x Perpetual Glow Perpetual glow
Perpetual glow 3 x Perpetual Glow = 1 x Perpetual Flare Perpetual flare
Perpetual flare 1 x Perpetual Flare = 15 x Perpetual Blur Perpetual blur
Sentience Upgrades
icon THIS into THAT icon
Sentience spark 5 x Sentience Spark = 1 x Sentience Surge Sentience surge
Sentience surge 3 x Sentience Surge = 1 x Sentience Blast Sentience blast
Sentience blast 1 x Sentience Blast = 15 x Sentience Spark Sentience spark

Transmuting Components[ | ]

Transmutations are processed in a cycle and are available in three tiers: one for each tier of runeshards. For instance, as long as you have the correct additional components, you may transform a Kinetic Arc into a Perpetual Blur, that Perpetual Blur into a Sentience Spark, and then that Sentience Spark can be transformed back to a Kinetic Arc. The additional components are consumed.

Transmutations require one Flickering Powder, Flickering Shard or Flickering Crystal (depending on the tier being transmuted) and one purchased item from the vendor, in addition to the item you wish to transmute to make the change.

Note: Component upgrades are pictured below, but are not transmutations. They do not require any additional components or skill to perform.

Runecrafting material transformation

Recipes[ | ]

For a complete list of recipes, see Runecrafting/Recipes.

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