Calling: Cleric
Primary Stat: Wisdom
Weapons: Mace and Shield/Totem
Abilities: Listed here
Armor: Chain

The Sentinel is a soul from the cleric calling that excel at group support including direct and area-of-effect healing.

Description[ | ]

The Sentinel brings the blessings of light to all who do the will of the gods. Capable of healing many wounded at one time, Sentinels bolster their allies and protect themselves with divine wrath.

Strengths[ | ]

Sentinels are defensive clerics who excel at group support. Their divine powers aid the weak and ensure that everyone in their group lives through the fray.

Weaknesses[ | ]

Sentinels sacrifice offense for a strong defense, and thus struggle to deal massive damage to their opponents.

Gameplay[ | ]

The Sentinel is a powerful single-target and area healer. It gains access to a strong instant cast heal immediately. More points gives the Sentinel access to both large single-target and raid heals. It is great to combine with the Warden soul for heal over time spells, and with the Purifier for shields and absorbs.

As with the other healing souls, the Sentinel has a weak damage output and no crowd control. For soloing it can be combined with a damage-dealing soul such as the Inquisitor or the Cabalist.

Background[ | ]

Unable to reconcile the contradictions between the gods, the Elf initiate Niyol Cliffswind made a pilgrimage to Hammerknell. In the capitol of the Elves’ ancient enemies, the Dwarves, he tried to learn how Bahralt’s bustling cities could coexist with Tavril’s pristine wilderness.

His days there were a misery: jostled and berated, unable to gain audience with a priest of Bahralt. Then one night, a lynch mob pulled Niyol from his bed. “Filthy spy!“ they cried, for an Elvish surprise attack had breached the city walls. Dragged toward the gibbet, Niyol heard the clamor as fighting raged through Hammerknell.

The Elf vanguard burst into the grand hall just as the hangman fitted a noose to Niyol’s neck. A moment later, the dwarf fell with an arrow in his throat, knocking Niyol off his bench. The rope drew tight.

Battle choked the Dwarven hall, yet no combatant who fought near Niyol succumbed to their wounds. Even as he swung from the noose, the initiate mouthed a healing prayer, offering his last breath to save kinfolk and persecutors alike.

White light poured from the eyes of every statue to a god in Hammerknell, the words of his prayer booming from stone lips. Anyone who saw the light was healed; everyone who heard the words succumbed to a quiet serenity.

As the Elves lay down their arms, the Dwarves cut Niyol down and declared him a saint. Both sides pledged alliance ever after, and the mendicant went on his way.

The Elf commander had heard of Niyol’s pilgrimage, and asked if he had learned how the gods could overcome their conflicts.

“Each god values the life of each and every mortal. In this, there is unity,” Niyol said with the sure, clear voice of enlightenment.

Niyol spent many years spreading his revelation, performing miracles, finding in every culture a link to the divine. When the gods formed the Vigil, Niyol’s sentinels spread hope through unity to all the people of Telara.

“It is easy to have faith in one god. I have seen the truth of the universe, devoted myself to the Vigil as a whole. I bring succor to the one and the whole alike.”


Training Locations[ | ]

Guardian[ | ]

Sanctum-inside main circle of the building

Defiant[ | ]

  • Meridian - Near the auctioneer in the middle of the city, close to the Cabalist trainer.

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References[ | ]

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