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Stillmoor is a zone in RIFT. It is speculated to be where the Shade originated from.

Areas of interest[ | ]

Puzzle[ | ]

The puzzle is located at Thalin Tor [1718,2315]

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within Stillmoor. It is located at the top of the building and you need to climb up the broken ramps 1/2 way before using a plaque on the wall to teleport to the top.

The goal of this puzzle is to get all the bats into the cages, it is relatively easy to do. Simply jump under the bells in the tower to set them off and it will force the bats to move away from the bell being rung into an open cage. Click the shard above the cage when a bat is inside and it will close. There are more bats then cages so you will need to make sure the first few cages you close contain two bats (or more).

When all are successfully closed you will be awarded a key to loot the chest that will appear.

To get back down, simply use the plaque behind one of the cages on the edge of the structure.

Cairn Location[ | ]

The Cairn is located at [1584,1855]

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to climb up the in initial part you need to go up around the area [1630,2015]

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Greenscale's Blight

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