TODO List[]

I've made a short TODO list for this article the way I see it (feel free to add):

  • Mention that dying may not be supported for all pieces of equipment
  • Dye icons
  • Updated dye prices
  • Make columns of table sortable (By name, price, manufacturer)
  • Rearrange table columns (I would like name first, then icon, price and finally manufacturer)
  • Add table for player crafted dyes OR create a combined table with an extra column which shows where a dye can be bought (vendor or from apothecaries)
  • Once in-game dying is supported on more pieces of equipment you could add a preview for the different dyes on a standardized piece of equipment.

That's it for now. I would help on each point of this list once I get to play again. --4ndreas 12:45, 2 January 2011 (CST)

Dye icons[]

If any of you happen to have a screenshot of the vendor sold dyes please link it here. I have all the dye icons taken directly from the client and I would very much like to upload them. --4ndreas Talk 14:26, 13 January 2011 (CST)

OLD: Evidence of dyes[]

Where in the reference article does it talk about dye being in the game? I only see it mentioned in the comments by Hedeon. Is Hedeon a developer? Reference Article - IG

Blah, I see it now. "dying for armor and clothing was already available in the game." - IG

Sanctum vendor name and location[]

Added vendor name and general location for Sanctum vendor. Will look into adding extra column to support where to purchase each dye. Need to look up how to ref for info added already. -- User:Doo0592 23:57 26.02.11 (GMT)


We should pick a good outfit that shows primary and secondary dyes well and do a series of screenshots to show how all of this looks I think. --Ciovala Talk 10:45, 21 March 2011 (UTC)