One of the five gods of the Vigil who helped create the world of Telara. The High Elves consider her their god, and she is also known as the Land.[1]


Tavril is the land; she is the earth mother to the wilds, the power and majesty of nature. It is through her that we are able to survive; the bounty of her forests, her fields, her plants and the animals that feed upon them sustain us all. From her the beasts of the world pour forth to sustain us, to enrich our lives and even to challenge us. Those that learn to live in harmony with Tavril receive her blessings; those that attempt to despoil her bounty soon find her wrath, which is great and terrible.

Before the Vigil, she was the patron of the High Elves with whom she shared a special bond. She was their protector, and they were hers. It was this relationship with the gods that all the Guardians now enjoy. The other gods of the Vigil work to protect Tavril, who is the most vulnerable to the elemental invasions. But they draw from her strength; with every rift that is sealed, every elemental foothold destroyed, we witness the power of Tavril reasserting her will, and healing the land. [2]


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