A citation is used to inform readers that the information in quest comes directly from another source. In the context of Telarapedia, citations are used to prove that the information on a page is correct and not fabricated; this is very important in the pre-release period of Rift: Planes of Telara.

An example of how a citation might show on a page:

The Heroes of Telara 'About' page has a general overview of the game.[1]


  1. The official Heroes of Telara 'About' page.[1]

When citations should be made

A good rule to follow is, "When in doubt, cite!" This rule is especially important before Heroes of Telara is released, as the last thing we want to happen is for readers to think Telarapedia is a source of conjecture as opposed to a repository of useful information.

By way of example - The friendly people at Trion release information about some snazzy new feature; this is done by giving a few select sites some information which is perhaps different for each site. Being the brilliant editors that we are at Telarapedia, this information is immediately collated and written into a new article or integrated into existing articles. Once this is done, the new information is then cited so that our readers know that the information is correct and that they can go to the source to verify this.

Even once the game has been released, citation is a friendly way to give credit to other sites and collate external links.

Guide to citing sources

It is very easy to use a citation and only involves a small amount of work for editors.

One references to one source

When a source needs to be cited only once, use the following steps:

  1. Tag what you wrote with this code: <ref>Description of url[urlofthecitation]</ref>.
  2. If this is the first citation on a page, add the following code just above the categories:

<References />

Multiple references to one source

When one source needs to be cited multiple times, use the following steps:

  1. When you use a citation for the first time, tag what you wrote with this code: <ref name="Something">Description [URL]</ref>
  2. When you use the source subsequently, tag it using this code: <ref name="Something"/>
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