You can connect directly from within the Wiki using Mibbit by clicking here (this will take you to the main Rift IRC chat)

Internet Relay Chat, usually referred to as IRC, is an online chat protocol that bears quite a resemblance to instant messaging protocols. Telarapedia has its own IRC channel, where everyone is welcome, and encouraged to join and chat with other Telarapedians.

Users on the IRC channel regularly might find it handy to download an IRC client. mIRC is a major one for Windows, IceChat is a free one for Windows, and Colloquy is a major one for OS X. There's also Mibbit, a client that works from your browser.

Wiki administrators frequently join the channel (all are operators), where you are invited to discuss important wiki issues and developments with them. Users idle quite a bit, so it's not required to be chatty.

Recent Changes Bot[]

Telarapedia does have a bot in the channel. This bot lists EVERY edit, addition, removal and any miscellaneous change made on the wiki.

The bot is named TelarapediaRC. It is a bot with a + or voice in the channel.

IRC Channels[]

Telarapedia IRC Channel[]

  • Channel: #Telarapedia
  • Server:, port 6667

Community Rift IRC Channel[]

  • Channel: #Rift
  • Server:, port 6667

Off-topic IRC Channel[]

  • Channel: #RiftOff
  • Server:, port 6667

Channel Rules[]

The channel rules listed below should be followed at all times. Punishment for breaking these rules varies from being kicked or banned temporarily or banned permanently. Please abide by these simple rules:

  • You may not impersonate another user.
  • Do not come to advertise.
  • Inappropriate language is frowned upon. Please remember we have young users that visit this website.
  • Discussing of any illegal activities are not permitted. This includes warez, cracks, etc. Sexual behavior is also forbidden.
  • Excessive spamming will result in a kick.
  • Do not resort to 'bashing' other people, forum users, IRC users, or otherwise.
  • Topics should be Rift related - if you want to talk about any old topic, there is a #Riftoff channel you can do so in. Some discretion is allowed, but just remember that another channel option is available.
  • To go along with the above bullet, if your comment might offend someone, go to #Riftoff or don't type it at all.

Channel Commands[]

IRC supports numerous commands. Some of the more important ones are shown below. They should be typed as seen, replacing the italicized parameters for their values.

  • /nick nickname - Changes your nickname to the provided nickname.
  • /msg nickserv register username password email - Registers the nickname you are currently using.
  • /msg nickserv auth nickname password - Identifies you to your specified nickname (similar to signing in).
    • You can utilize /auth user pass for a shorter method.
  • /me emote - Is used to express an emote. Example: If my name is Lucipher, "/me is cool" is changed to "Lucipher is cool."

/ignore annoyinguser - Is used to prevent you from seeing what another user types and also prevents them from sending you private messages. Use this if you are being bothered by another user.