If you're viewing this page that means (hopefully) you are interested in helping translate the Telarapedia (Rift Wiki) into other languages.

All that is needed is simply going to an existing page of the english version and copying the content to a localised version for your relevant language and appending a language tag on the end of your page.

  • You may also wish to view the Babel page and tag your User Page to identify your primary language.

Main Page translations[]

English - Rift Wiki 日本語 - Rift Wiki/ja <-- not yet created
русский - Rift Wiki/ru 中文 - Rift Wiki/zh español - Rift Wiki/es

Example page translations[]

Character Translations[]

The main difference between all of these is the appending of :ru / :jp. No additional special access is needed at all to create these pages and it can be done on more than just article pages.


Template:Stub is used at the top of articles to flag when it is limited in information and to prompt the viewer to edit it to add additional appropriate information, however at times it may not available.

  • English - {{Stub}}
  • русский - {{Stub/ru}}
  • español - {{Stub/es}}

When you use these articles on a page however all you would enter would be {{stub}} however this goes into an area that I won't be covering in this article much.

Now as mentioned above simply append the appropriate 2 letter code for your language and edit a localised version of your page! If you have any questions on this, please post on the discussion page!