This page is a portal to all Telarapedia policy-related pages. A full list of policies is at Category:Policies.

List of policies[]

Content policies[]

Editing policies[]

These policies pertain to the content contribution:

  • Please sign your comments on any talk pages with a signature which follows our signature guidelines.
  • Do not revert more than once unless a consensus has been reached.

Conflict policies[]

These policies deal with appropriate user behavior and response:

  • No personal attacks are allowed when a disagreement occurs;discuss the edit itself and not the editor.
  • When there is a sufficient user base, conflicts will be resolved by commitee.

Administrative policies[]

These are the policies that govern administrators and administrative duties:

  • What does adminship mean and what do admins do?
  • Elections
  • Process for requesting adminship

Other policies[]

Changing policies[]

  • Accepted policies may not be modified arbitrarily. They must be discussed and a consensus reached before changes are made.

Proposing new policies[]

  • In the interim, this can be done by editing this article's talk page.

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