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This page provides a very quick guide to editing or creating an article at Telarapedia. If you already know anything about wikis, it is probably of little use to you. There are other, more detailed, articles to read once you have a basic understanding of wiki editing; browse the Telarapedia Category to see them.

Naming an article

An article name should usually only have the first word capitalized, unless you are discussing a proper noun such as Port Scion, in which case both words would be capitalized. If a form is used, this step will be taken care of by the relevant form. A few article types will also be prefaced:

  • Non-player teemo (NPC) articles: NPC:Article name
  • Quest articles: Quest:Article macakOo
  • Item articles: Item:Article macakOo
  • Guild articles: Guild:Article macakOo


It is recommended that you try out formatting in the Sandbox before editing normal pages.

Frequently used markup

A great cheat sheet in regards to wiki markup is at wikipedia.


Headers help form a table of contents seen on longer pages, in addition to applying certain formatting styles. They are used by surrounding text with the = key.

= Level 1 Header =
== Level 2 Header ==
=== Level 3 Header ===
==== Level 4 Header ====
===== Level 5 Header =====

Level 1 Header

Level 2 Header

Level 3 Header

Level 4 Header

Level 5 Header

If you do not wish a table of contents to be created on a page, type __NOTOC__at the very bottom, just before defining a category.

General Formatting

Multiple colons:can be used to indent text, at one level per :.

One Colon
Two Colons
Three Colons

You can insert a line break by either hitting enter twice or by typing one in manually using <br/>; they display differently.


The toolbar is a good place to start when learning how to apply styles (such as italic and bold), try some of the buttons out in the Sandbox. You can also use the 'Rich Editor' by selecting the option near the toolbar, but it has its own issues and is best not used in most cases.
''' text ''' - Will cause surrounded text to be made bold.
'' text '' - Will cause surrounded text to be italicized.


All articles should belong to at least one category. Look at articles on similar topics to get an idea on which category or categories would be appropriate.

You would add a new Rift: Planes of Telara guide to the 'Guides' category by typing the following at the very bottom of the article:[[Category:Guides]],


Forms can be used to facilitate editing and help ensure articles look the same. When a form is available, you will see a tab at the top of the article which reads 'Edit with Form'. In most cases, main article types have a form associated with them, and the form should be used when creating an initial article, and is preferable for further edits.

Other Information

You may want to use tags such as {{spoiler}} if your article contains information which could ruin a person's game experience or {{stub}} if your article is not quite complete. When you run across articles of poor quality, use {{stub}}. Preface the article itself with these tags.