This is the 'To Do' list for the Telarapedia. It lists items that need to be done in the future.


  • Update many pages with release data, removing incorrect speculation (ex. class)
    • A major catetogy in this area that needs to be updated is Category:Combat Mechanics

Forms and Formatting[]

Adding to existing pages[]

Adding Pages[]

  • Add information on artifacts and collectibles in general.
  • Start adding quests
  • Start adding NPCs

Adding Features[]

  • Add a bot to do things like add Template:Welcome to new users.
  • Create a lighter version of the current skin for those people who prefer lighter websites
  • Shared logons across english, german, and french wikis
  • Continue to update servers so guilds can go into correct categories
  • Add a site favicon

Help Wanted![]

  • News - Our news section is woefully out of date and we are looking for active users willing to take over keeping it up to date.