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Welcome to the first contest on the Telarapedia to win a Rift: Planes of Telara VIP beta key and other prizes!

This is a chance to create your own fan-made video trailer for the game and share it with the world. Everyone has seen movie and game trailers in the past, and this is your opportunity to do something similar. We won't place any limits on what you can do, creatively, in the video - show us your talent and passion for the game.

When you create the video, try to think of the main features of the game and what you think would attract people who know very little about Rift.


Maximum of one video per entrant.

  • Before you send us a link to your video, please make it unlisted on Youtube or Vimeo until asked to make it public.
    • Add a frame at the end which says, "This video submitted to the Telarapedia's VIP Beta Contest".
  • Email your entry's information to: contests [AT] telarapedia [DOT] com
  • Title your entry's subject: RIFT FAN-MADE TRAILER CONTEST
  • Format your entry email content as follows:
    • Name: Official Forums Name
    • Real Name: Real Name (Will be used if you are contacted by us, but otherwise not handed out to anyone).
    • Valid email address you can be contacted at.

Your entry must be received between 23 October 2010 and 06 November 2010 (UK / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)) or it will not be eligible.

Also, in the event that we give out prizes other than VIP keys, winners may have to give us a valid shipping address to receive their awards.


  • 1st Prize: VIP – all event access – Beta key and your choice of Defiant or Guardian T-Shirts (have in a few sizes) or a comic - up to you!
  • 2nd Prize: VIP – all event access – Beta key
  • 3rd Prize: Your choice of Defiant or Guardian T-Shirts (have in a few sizes) or a comic - up to you!

Please Note: This contest is being run by the Telarapedia team and is in no way affiliated with Trion Worlds.

Selection of winners

In the wiki spirit, the community will chose the best videos via a poll that will be placed on the official forums on 07 November 2010.


  • The rather obvious rule – your video must be Rift: Planes of Telara-related;
  • It must be uploaded to either Youtube or Vimeo;
  • It must not be longer than five minutes in length;
  • No profanity, either in text or spoken is to be used. If you are concerned about a word, send me a PM. If you don’t follow this rule, your entry will not be voted on;
  • Entries must be in English;
  • There will be prizes for (at least) first, second, and third places;
    • There is no guarantee that all entries will be voted upon by the community (in the event that some people submit filler videos in the hope of winning a key);
  • The top winning entry can be added to the Rift videos list on Telarapedia and also to the Telarapedia Youtube channel (both of these options are up to the submitter). We will also inform gaming sites of your winning video if you so desire;
  • There are no country restrictions on participation;
  • The contest starts on 23 October 2010 and runs until 06 November 2010. Winners will be announced on 13 November 2010;
  • All entries must be published before the end of the day 06 November 2010 (GMT), and will be judged by the end of the day 12 November 2010.

More contests to come

Don't worry if you aren't able to make a video - we'll have additional contests this year.

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