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The Templar is a Cleric PvP Soul. The abilities and skills increase a player's damage towards and defense against other players. The soul is purchasable for 2500 favor. You can buy it from Girdoom in Meridian in the Warfront wing on the Catari Command Center for Defiants, and from Templar Sanzo in Sanctum for Guardians.

Description[ | ]

The architects of the warlike Souls honed the faith and focus of a Cleric into a deadly combatant. Templars are skilled at both offense and defense, and adept at swinging the tide of battle. The Templar is hardened for battle while retaining their faith, whether that faith calls for the Templar to heal their comrades, smite their enemies, or merge both doctrines. Templars are unstoppable in the cause of their patron, and no injury, no poison, no mere spells can stop them.[1]

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