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The {{coords/Icon|type}} template returns the image to be used as a marker for {{coords}}. The following table contains the list of available icons.

default Blip.png
black x Icon-xcross-black.png v Icon-check-black.png o Icon-dot-black.png . Icon-dot-black.png
red xr Icon-xcross-red.png vr Icon-check-red.png or Icon-dot-red.png .r Icon-dot-red.png
green xg Icon-xcross-green.png vg Icon-check-green.png og Icon-dot-green.png .g Icon-dot-green.png
blue xb Icon-xcross-blue.png vb Icon-check-blue.png ob Icon-dot-blue.png .b Icon-dot-blue.png
yellow xy Icon-xcross-yellow.png vy Icon-check-yellow.png oy Icon-dot-yellow.png .y Icon-dot-yellow.png
white xw Icon-xcross-white.png vw Icon-check-white.png ow Icon-dot-white.png .w Icon-dot-white.png