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{{infobox instance

Valid Field Entries:

  • name: zone name (default PAGENAME)
  • aka: also known as (acronyms)
  • ss: ideal picture of zone [optional]
  • caption: image caption
  • loc: general area of zone [optional]
  • boss: endboss/leader of the instance [optional]
  • type: type of zone - Dungeon, Raid or Wing, etc [optional]
  • level: advised levels for the zone [optional]
  • minlevel: minimum level required to enter instance [optional]
  • players: number of players allowed [optional]
  • bosses: collapsible frame for list of bosses; typically uses {{instance_name}} [optional]
  • lockout: how often does the instance reset? 3 days? 1 week? [optional]