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This article is for use on pages when constructing a Zone table.


To use this template simply do the following.

  • {{zone| z=Freemarch | l=6 - 20 | i=Defiant Friendly | r=1 }}

Use of this template is to be surrounded by a table header and closing table brackets.

See below for example on proper use.

{| class="darktable sortable"
!|Level Range
!|Date Released
{{zone|z=Freemarch|l=6 - 20|i=Defiant Friendly|r=1}}
{{zone|z=Gloamwood|l=20 - 25|i=Guardian Friendly|r=2}}
{{zone|z=Meridian|l=all|i=Defiant Only|r=3}}
Zone Level Range Information Date Released
Freemarch 6 - 20 Defiant Friendly 1.0 (Retail Launch)
Gloamwood 20 - 25 Guardian Friendly 1.1 (The River of Souls)
Meridian all Defiant Only 1.2 (The Spoils of War)

Variables available for |r= are below

  • |1=1.0 (Retail Launch)
  • |2=1.1 (The River of Souls)
  • |3=1.2 (The Spoils of War)
  • |4=1.3 (Waves of Madness)
  • |5=1.4 (Legacy of the Fallen)
  • |6=1.5 (Ashes of History)
  • |98=To Be Determined
  • |99=Future Patch
  • |00=Removed from game

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