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Level 1-6
Key Places

The starting Zone for new players of the Defiant faction. Just like Mathosia, Terminus is instanced because it's a starting zone. Players start out in a buildng called the Life Factory after creating their character. They are then given quests that explain the reasons they are needed to help Telara. The quests advance you through the starting zone quickly and easily, gaining you the necessary knowledge to play the game as well as giving you interesting and important information about the situation in the world.

Background Information[ | ]

Terminus is a Defiant stronghold consisting of a Life Factory and a small surrounding settlement. As mentioned by notable NPC's in the game, Terminus is home to the last vestiges of civilization, since Regulos has destroyed or corrupted most of the planet at this point. It is made known that even as the Ascended race to the Failsafe, Regulos is closing in on this last stronghold, wanting to extinguish all living things.

Relayed to the Ascended by the Knowledge Collective:

"The original Life Factory was uncovered in the twentieth year of Prince Zareph's reign near the city of Port Scion. It was built by the Eth city-state of Arkeen, and it was used to conduct experiments into the replication, creation, alteration, and resurrection of life in all its forms. The Eth had only begun initial designs on the machines they called "Resurrection Forges", aspiring to return people from the dead with their magitech. Their study became the basis for the experiments we among the Defiant would conduct when we explored their halls many centuries later. Following the initial discovery, more were found in the vicinity, and we expanded them for our purposes. When the Guardians destroyed Meridian, we shut ourselves within them to continue our studies, barring the doors and creating magical fortifications to keep ourselves safe to pursue Project Omega. We have long since lost contact with all other bases. It is our belief that all other such Life Factories have since been destroyed by Regulos in his destruction of Telara. May we find a way to return our lost comrades through eldritch technology."

Monsters[ | ]

Telaran Husk

Puppet Master

Spectral Harvester

Endless Dominator

Harvest Master

Wayward Spirit

Brittle Skeleton

Hulking Phantasm

Withered Dead

Portal Channeler

Moldering Dead

Risen Telaran

Guardian Sergeant

Guardian Zealot

Alaric the Fanatic

Frederic the Betrayer

Memaloch the Inquisitor

Soul Caller

Decaying Telaran

Shyla the Fallen

Endless Hunter

Endless Berserker

Endless Reaver

Endless Assasin

Endless Marauder

Shadeborn Horror

Alsbeth the Discordant

Stitched Abomination


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