Terror of Undeath is a 10-man raid Death Rift.

Requires (obtain in your capital city, in the planar area):

  • Honored with Grim Disciples
  • 500 [Planarite]
  • 10 Corrupted Souls

Information & Strategy[ | ]

Phase 1[ | ]

4 packs of 3 mob's in each. 2 constructs and 1 cabilist. The Constructs make the Cabalist immune to all damage. 1 tank should pick up the Construct the raid plans to nuke first, the other tank should take the remaining construct and cabalist. These melee hard and have a nasty cleave. The cabalist also does spiky raid damage similar to Baron Crevic. Repeat over and over for all packs.

Phase 2[ | ]

4 generators and 4 undead guardians.

One tank should interact with a generator - from the EXACT opposite side that the guardian is standing on it (so 180degrees to it) This will cause the tank to gain a buff and tank the guardian, it should then be nuked down asap before the tank buff falls off. A mispull will cause the tank not to get the buff in time and get hit for around 8k non crit.

Phase 3[ | ]

Once all 4 are down the first boss spawns. He is complete tank and spank with a twist. Everytime you kill him, he explodes for about 2k damage to everyone standing close to him, <5m And splits into two smaller adds with 50% of his previous hp pool. Once he splits, one tank should take one of him off to the side whilst the raid focuses on clearing up the other version of him it is up to the raid to SINGLE target these mobs down making sure that the melee is healed up before killing another the last mobs have 5k hp and it is very easy to kill them with aoe, thus wiping your tank and melee so be careful. Rinse and repeat for the other half your offtank has been holding.

Phase 4[ | ]

8 'Death Wisps' spawn. It is important that the moment your raid kills that last p3 mob that everyone runs out of the raid area. The wisps patrol around the raid area randomly. The best and safest tactic is to pull one at a time when it is as far away from the others as possible. It will then charge towards the person who pulled causing a 2-3k aoe hit.(why you don't pull multiples) The wisps also have a cleave so melee need to posistion themselves opposit to the tank as it is hard to see where the wisp is facing off it's model Once that wisp is dead, pull another and rinse and repeat.

Phase 5 - Lucas Darkblade[ | ]

Firstly he puts a healing debuff on the tank, tanks should switch at 3 stacks of the debuff. Secondly he spawns two types of adds.

The first is a guard add making lucas immune to all damage, this should be burnt down asap to get back to nuking the boss.

The second is an explosive add. This should be picked up by the tank currently not on Lucas and taken away from the raid, after 15 seconds it will detonate dealing 4k damage to those around it.

Reference[ | ]

Initial information courtesy of the guild Imortalis Noctis -