The Codex warfront is a team control point map with an extra point in the middle of the map that boosts your score much faster than the other control points. The central objective and smaller map size keeps combat constant and frenetic.[1]

Background[ | ]

Deep in the mountains of Stonefield, an artifact known as "The Codex" stands sentinel over an ancient Ethian outpost. Kept secret for centuries by The Unspoken, the location was recently discovered by spies of the Eldritch Seekers. Now this once tranquil site is an active warfront between the Guardians and the Defiant. Who will dominate the area and unlock the secrets of The Codex?

Gameplay[ | ]

Interact with control points at the major contested areas in order to dominate them. Each control point that is dominated will award your team points. Controlling the Codex will grant bonus points. You may also accrue points for your team by defeating enemy players. [2]

Images[ | ]

Codex Warfront-screen 01
Codex Warfront-screen 02
Codex Warfront-screen 03

References[ | ]

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