One of the gods of the Vigil, known as "The Sword."[1]


The god of the swords values courage and an adventurous spirit. If you bring him victory honorably gained he will bring you glory in this world and the next. If you flee from a challenge, or fight dishonorably, then you will anger him, and woe to the mortal that earns great Thedeor's anger.

Before the Vigil, Thedeor was the patron of the Mathosian people, who taught them courage and the arts of war. Now he oversees all those that march to combat the threats to our world, the dragons, their elemental invaders, and the heathen Defiants. We devotees who are not in the field on a crusade give honor to the Sword of the Vigil by testing our prowess against each other by sparring. We must keep in excellent fighting shape, for only our skill in war, can ensure a peace for Holy Sanctum. [2]


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