On a ship at sea, a sailor plots his course, a merchant dreams of distant shores, and a scholar charts the stars. Each in their way prays to Thontic, God of the Sea, of trade, and of mystery. When the gods formed Telara from sourcestone at the dawn of days, it was Thontic who shaped the clouds, filled deep places with water, and sparked the thirst for knowledge in mortal minds.

The faceless Abyssal say that Thontic merely imitates Akylios’s genius, but this is a filthy lie. Akylios represents the profane darkness of the crushing deeps, where sanity flees even the design of nature and hideous secrets wait, hidden from the light. Thontic is the deity who guides travelers to safe harbor, who hides teeming life and fantastic revelations beneath the briny tide. While the Abyssal are misers of knowledge, hoarding secrets until their minds burst, Thontic’s priests are patrons of wisdom, answering life’s great questions and revealing their discoveries for the benefit of all.

Of all gods of the Vigil, Thontic is the most inscrutable. They say he moves across the land wearing the night as a cloak, his voice just barely softer than the lapping of the waves and the clinking of coins. His ways are not always kind—at his whim one merchant opens new cities for trade, while another is swallowed by the tide. Yet exploration is hollow without risk, and Clerics say those who die at sea have a place at Thontic's side.

The Guardians pray to Thontic when they embark on long journeys, solve crimes, or study the ways of magic and nature. And in Sanctum, most commerce takes place in Thontic Square, where every exchange pleases the god of the seas.

Thontic provides the Vigil with his wisdom, his craft, and a necessary ruthlessness that righteous Thedeor or gentle Mariel-Taun simply could not imagine. Like the trader who must outbid his competitors or the storm that rises without warning, Thontic knows that some events are unavoidable and had best be wisely managed. It is thanks to him that Rogues prowl the night to strike at hidden evils and Cabalists bring their forbidden rites to bear upon the Guardians’ enemies.

Without Thontic, the Guardians would truly be the guileless crusaders of Defiant propaganda. Guided by his canny insight, they are a subtler and more adaptable force than their enemies imagine. Like their god, their methods are a tightly-woven secret for the clever to unravel.[1]


Thontic is mystery. To know the god is to discover, to travel, to explore. Sanctum is a beacon of safety, beauty and wonder. There are so many wonderful things in Telara to be discovered. Thontic gives blessings to those that travel the world. Thontic doesn't care if it is to uncover the evil plots of the dragons, to fight the elemental invaders, to find rare and valuable treasure, or just to find that one mountain with the best view. The world of Telara is a world of wonder and beauty, of dangers and adventure. Explore!

Thontic was the patron of merchants, sailors and explorers. Now as part of the Vigil, Thontic shows us that there is always something more to the world than what we have previously believed. Thontic is said to have created the porticulums, which allows Guardians to travel further in the world than any have been able to previously. [2]


  2. Howakan Farlight, Abbot of Thontic in Sanctum

<metadesc>Thontic is one of the gods of the Vigil. He is the mystery and the god of travel, commerce, and discovery.</ref>