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As the name would suggest, a titan is a very large creature which inhabits the lands of Telara. It is remoured to be so large that it wouldn't notice if it stepped on a Mountain Troll. The Eth once used their Devices to "bind" the titans, forcing them to work for them until the titans eventually rebelled alongside Mountain Troll servants. Much of the history of the tians is fairly unknown.[1][2]

What remains of a dead Titan can be found at Titan's Rest.

Name of Titans[edit | edit source]

Primus[edit | edit source]

Primus' collar is one of the artifacts found in the world

Justus[edit | edit source]

Plutonus[edit | edit source]

Hybrida[edit | edit source]

Cornix[edit | edit source]

Hiberus[edit | edit source]

Images[edit | edit source]

The remains of a Titan
The remains of a Titan at Titan's Rest.
The remains of a Titan

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