Transportation refers to a means of traveling across the world of Telara.

Walking[ | ]

Traveling on foot at a fairly leisurely pace is the main means of travel. One can also jump, however this will not increase forward speed ( Except for the High Elf racial skill: Angelic Flight and the Bahmi equivalent, Mighty Leap). Walking speed can be increased by various consumables or items (i.e. trinkets).

Mounts[ | ]

Mounts provide a faster method of ground-based personal travel. They are available to all players however some mounts require a certain minimum level, and range in price from 2-125 Platinum. You can also use lucky charms obtained from artifact collections to purchase a 110% mount upgrade
There are 3 different speed mounts available (each speed is available in different animal forms and variation within the animal form).
60% Speed increase.
90% Speed Increase (Requires level 30).
110% Speed Increase (Requires level 50).

Porticulums[ | ]

Porticulums allow players to bind their souls at various locations throughout Telara. Players can travel to their bound location using the Soul Recall ability. Porticulums also offer a fast means of traveling large distances between major locations and across zone boundaries in Telara. The use of Porticulums cost a few gold pieces depending on distance traveled.