Update: Rift 1.10
Release date (US) 12 Sept 8:00am PDT
Version Rift 1.10
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  • Much has changed for Telara since the Ascended first appeared. Ideological differences still exist, but the greater threat to all has required Guardian and Defiant strength combined to defend their land from the dragons. Old disputes have been put aside at times in order to join forces in a much larger, much more necessary fight.
  • Guardian and Defiant characters who choose to take on the Planes together may now do so with the below changes to cross-faction game mechanics on PvE shards in 1.10!
  • PvP ruleset shards will also gain the cross-faction group changes for dungeons via LFG.
  • Guilds can now contain both Guardian and Defiant members.
  • Guilds can now accept Guardian OR Defiant guild quests.
  • Player-formed and Public Groups may now consist of characters from either faction who are not PvP-flagged.
  • Dungeons now support cross-faction groups, and the LFG system now forms groups of mixed faction.
  • Instant Adventures now support cross-faction groups and raids.
  • If you are part of a cross-faction group queuing for Warfronts, you will be queued as the group leader's faction. On joining the Warfront, it will automatically mercenary anyone in the group who is not naturally of the leader's faction.
  • Characters can now trade with members of the other faction.
  • Mail (and attachments) can now be sent to other-faction characters.
  • PvP-flagged characters will not be able to group cross-faction while flagged; they can still group with members of their own faction any time.
  • Defiants and Guardians can now marry!
  • Public chat channels are now shared between both factions with the exception of the World Defense channel.
  • Players from a PvE shard joining cross-shard chat hosted on a PvP shard will still join faction-specific channels.
  • Cross-shard tells should now always be allowed between any two characters.
  • The Friends list also allows friends of either faction as long as your character is not on a PvP shard.


  • The new icon on the menu bar now allows you to purchase the Storm Legion expansion from inside RIFT!
  • Deeps' Depot gives access to purchase expansions, collector's edition upgrades, and services such as Character Rename or Guild Rename scrolls without switching to a browser.
  • To rename your character, use the Character Rename Scroll on the character whose name you wish to change, and log out to character select. That character will be prompted for a new name on next login.
  • To rename your guild, you can use the Guild Rename Scroll with the appropriate guild rank permission (defaults to Guild Leader only), and will receive a prompt in-game to rename the guild.


  • A new set of Instant Adventures is now available in the zone of Scarwood Reach!
  • These Instant Adventures are intended for a level range of 30-35.
  • Higher level characters can be put into Scarwood Reach when queuing for random Instant Adventure, and will be mentored to level 35.


  • Atrophinius has awakened and is ready to begin the harvest. As his head clears from the fog of old mead, he eyes the pile of work to be done. He has accumulated treasures and trash from all over Telara and stored them in the Realm of the Autumn Harvest to reward any Ascended who comes to help him in his tasks!
  • Enter the Realm of the Autumn Harvest through Faerie Rings located around Telara. You can find helpful NPCs in Sanctum and Meridian to kick off your search.


  • If you look around, you should notice some improved lighting, fog, and atmospheric effects in all zones and most instances around Telara! Our awesome art team has taken some renderer enhancements done for Storm Legion and applied them to the existing world.


  • There are now icon-type overhead markers for use in raids! The new marks are accessed through the Mark Target list on portrait right-click menus.
  • Mousing over a Rune now highlights the equipment that the Rune can be applied to.
  • Added a new 'Fill Soul' button to Soul Trees. Using this will attempt to fill the selected soul tree from the bottom up. You can still edit the point distribution before saving your spec.
  • Quests that flag you for PvP when picking up items will no longer re-flag you on login.
  • Instant Adventure: If you are very far from your Instant Adventure group, you will now be invited to teleport to them every time a new Adventure is started.
  • Characters will no longer be put in combat by receiving the buffs granted from fully upgraded Wardstones - Asha's Inspiration, Vigil's Chosen, or Primal Empowerment.
  • If you set your Mentoring level prior to joining the LFG queue, the LFG tooltip now displays that level in parenthesis after your character's name.
  • Tweaked character movement to make stepping over small obstacles easier, and to reduce the 'hops' that sometimes appear when moving between surfaces.
  • Leaderboards and Achievements that track the crafting of items now increment based on the number of actual items created during crafting, and not the number of times you complete recipes.
  • A more specific error message is now given if you try to accept a quest reward item that you cannot carry more of at that time.


  • Added 'Ascended Resurrection', an out-of-combat resurrection ability available to all Callings at level 1.


  • Dueling is now disabled in Conquest.
  • Ready Checks are disabled for auto-formed Conquest groups. If you join Conquest as a group or form your own while inside Conquest, you will still have access to Ready Checks!
  • The ability to kick players from group in the auto-formed Conquest groups has been disabled.
  • Fixed a chat bug where sometimes players could not see each other's chat in Conquest chat.
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally, aggressive NPCs would not aggro you after you left Conquest.
  • The "Next Match In..." timer for Conquest now displays hour-minute-second time format for more accuracy.


  • Whitefall Steppes: Rogues should no longer be blocked from interacting with the Sourcestone when Stealth naturally terminates.
  • Death and Air Rift consumables now deal lower damage in PvP (reduced from "a lot" of damage to "normal" damage).
  • Fixed a UI bug where lower-level characters would see the PvP UI tab switch to Warfronts randomly.


  • Fixed several issues where defensive abilities that reduced damage dealt to the Warrior were also reducing healing on the Warrior by PvP reduction values - primarily seen with Binding of Death.
  • Riftblade: Improved Riftwalk: Now properly increases the damage of Riftwalk.
  • Warlord: Imposing: Added duration to the tooltip.


  • Revised rare-spawn NPCs to appear more reliably in Stonefield, Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge, Droughtlands, and Moonshade Highlands.
  • Water Saga: Players that have completed 'A Token of the Fae' but have abandoned or not acquired the follow-up, 'Enchanted Wood', will now be able to find the questgiver in the Realm of the Fae.
  • Certain attackable objects, such as Vespid Hives or Spider Nests, should no longer keep characters locked in combat. You should drop out of combat after 10 seconds of not taking hostile action against these kinds of targets.
  • Fixed scaling of Instant Adventure bosses in lower level zones - they should be slightly easier now for small groups, and slightly more difficult for large groups.


  • Concerning Farclan: Quest objective progress should no longer spuriously reset mid-quest.


  • Instant Adventure: Pond Scum: Added missing map markers for this Adventure.
  • Instant Adventure: The Solemn bosses for Instant Adventure should appear more frequently now.


  • An Unbearable Burden: The Redsnow Courier and Bodyguards should be easier to track down and will respawn more quickly.


  • Made several quality-of-life changes to some of Meridian's main attractions!
  • You no longer have to stand so close to the Forge, Loom, Laboratory, or Workbench to craft in the Manufactory.
  • Gathering profession trainers have relocated to the Manufactory. The Fishing and Survival trainers remain in Epoch Plaza.
  • Recipe vendors have moved closer to their respective profession trainers.
  • The Dungeon and Raid equipment vendors have relocated to the merchant tables in Epoch Plaza.
  • The World Event merchant has relocated to the merchant tables in Epoch Plaza.
  • The Soul Recall point in Meridian is now closer to the Porticulum.
  • Increased Practice Dummy health. Adjusted placement for better AoE parses.


  • The World Event vendor has a new location near the entrance of the Lodge of the Planes.
  • Profession recipe vendors can now be found near their respective crafting stations.
  • The Fishing and Survival trainers have moved closer to the Fishing and Survival recipe NPCs.
  • The Instant Adventure quest NPC is now located in Thedeor's Circle.
  • The arrangement of Practice Dummies has changed a bit, so check your targets!
  • Warfront questgivers and Quartermasters in Thedeor's Circle have been consolidated.
  • Praying to the Vigil inside the Sanctum of the Vigil will no longer briefly place you into combat.
  • Increased the health of Practice Dummies.
  • Retuned the target NPCs for the level 19-20 guild quest 'Lowering Their Defenses'.


  • Added two additional Guardian respawn points, and two additional Defiant respawn points, to the southern end of the zone.


  • Zone Event: An Eye for an Eye: Any Shadestone left in your inventory after the end of this event will now be removed, even if it's hanging out in the Rift loot UI.


  • Ironhide now has an increased chance to be skinned from level 52 mobs.
  • Feasts are more visible in low-light conditions.
  • Fishing related Artifacts are now searchable in your Artifacts tab.
  • Ability: Track Fish: No longer dismounts you on use.
  • Recipe: Timed Trophy Lure: No longer Bind-to-Account.
  • Both the Rare Fish Lure and the Rare Artifact Attractor now function in all dungeons that have fishable water.


  • Changed the cooldown on the following Summerfest items to 15 minutes: Tysumi's Treatise on Self Tanning, Ama Ree's Bejeweled Collar, Alo’s Amazing Honeycomb, Tareeah’s Tropical Sunscreen, Summer Swarm, Summer Scarab Carapace, Halifax’s Ginormous Herbal Supplement, Jar of Fireflies.
  • The effects from the following items now cancel when logging out or entering Warfronts: Foliage Disguise, Form of the Antiquarian, and Large Crate.


  • Added a 'Train All' button to the calling trainer UI.
  • Your inventory bags are now scaleable! Find the bag UI scale and reset bag positions in your settings under Interface > Display.
  • After transferring shards, friends on your Friends List should correctly display their online/offline status.
  • People on your Ignore list will now continue to be ignored properly after you or they transfer to another shard.
  • Friend log-on/log-off messages will now contain the friend's shard name, if applicable.
  • Clicking on an Achievement popup will now take you to the Recent Achievements tab in the Achievement window.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'In Progress' achievements in the window would not update as you completed them.
  • Collection-type quests, such as Fishing quests, now display the objectives (and thus the consumed items) in the turn-in window.
  • Planar Attunement abilities that cost Planar Charge now display that cost in the PA window's ability tooltips.
  • The Macro name field now accepts longer names - up to 50 characters long, even!
  • Fixed the positioning of the rested experience marker on the experience bar - the displayed marker was being shown at the position of 2x the actual rest experience amount.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally resulted in player-created chat channels having no 'owner'.
  • Combat logs and other files saved by the game client are now stored under \My Documents\RIFT.