The Vindicator was a Warrior PvP soul. The abilities and skills increase a player's damage towards and defense against other players. The soul is purchasable for 2500 favor. Vindicator has since been replaced with the PvP Planar Attunement known as the "Path of War".

Description[ | ]

Each faction’s leaders desired a Soul to stand on the front line while all others might fall back or flee. This is the Vindicator, a warrior of mighty strength and indomitable will. An unrestrained master of arms, he leads the charge and wards off blows aimed at himself and his allies. Trying to stop him is like trying to stop a boulder rolling down a mountain; you will only end up crushed beneath his charge. When the battlefield is soaked in blood and the dying plead for mercy over the cries of carrion birds, it is the Vindicator who stands on wounded legs and bellows, “Is that the best you can do?!”[1]

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References[ | ]

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