All energy, damage and healing numbers are for rank 1 of the spell only. Some assumptions made about how multi-point talents scale.

Branch Advancement[]

Icon Name Ranks Points Energy Range Type Cooldown Description
File:Advantage.png Advantage 0/5 0 Whenever you block a player, raid members get 1% critical rating.
File:Dangerous Game.png Dangerous Game 0/5 0 Physical damage against players increased by 2%
File:Improved Guard.png Improved Guard 0/5 PvP Rank 2 Increases amount of damage transferred with Guard by 5%

(Requires Advantage Rank 5)

File:Forced Recon.png Forced Recon 0/5 PvP Rank 2 Attacks initiated behind players have a 5% chance to slow their movement by 30% for 8 seconds

(Requires Dangerous Game Rank 5)

File:Subdue.png Subdue 0/3 PvP Rank 3 Your taunts reduce damage by 20% against targets other than yourself

(Requires Improved Guard Rank 5)

File:Stand Off.png Stand Off 0/1 PvP Rank 3 20 20 Instant 2 Minutes The Warrior roots themselves and their enemy in place for the next 5 seconds. This ability can not be blocked or broken.

(Requires Subdue Rank 3)

Resilient.png Resilient 0/2 PvP Rank 3 Reduces the chance to be critically hit by players by 10%.

(Requires Forced Recon Rank 5)

File:Unrestrained.png Unrestrained 0/1 PvP Rank 3 10 03-20 Instant 2 Minutes Charges an enemy dealing 58-62 Damage, in addition to rooting them for 2 seconds. This ability can only be used while under the effects of a stun, snare, or root.

(Requires Resilient Rank 2)

File:The Art of Defense.png The Art of Defense 0/1 PvP Rank 4 You can block without having a shield equipped.

(Requires Stand Off Rank 1)

File:Improved Trauma.png Improved Trauma 0/2 PvP Rank 4 Increases the amount of healing reduced by 10%.

(Requires Subdue Rank 3)

Improved Break Free.png Improved Break Free 0/3 PvP Rank 4 Reduces the reuse time of Break Free by 1 minute.

(Requires Resilient Rank 2)

File:Master of Arms.png Master of Arms 0/2 PvP Rank 4 Duration of disarm effects is reduced by 25%.

(Requires Unrestrained Rank 1)

File:Strength of Will.png Strength of Will 0/5 PvP Rank 5 Increased amount of damage absorbed when blocking players by 5%.

(Requires The Art of Defense Rank 1)

File:Berserker Defense.png Berserker Defense 0/5 PvP Rank 5 Increased armor by 5% every time you receive a critical hit. This increased armor only affects attacks from players

(Requires Improved Trauma Rank 2)

File:Tactical Strike.png Tactical Strike 0/5 PvP Rank 5 Each time you attack a player, you have a 5% chance to apply Focused Strikes, increasing the damage of all your attacks against the enemy by 10% for 15 seconds.

(Requires Improved Break Free Rank 3)

File:Furious Blades.png Furious Blades 0/5 PvP Rank 5 3% chance that each time you Parry, Dodge or Block an attack you will get a weapon swing against the attacker.

(Requires Master of Arms Rank 2)

File:Phalanx.png Phalanx 0/1 PvP Rank 6 30 Instant 2 Minutes Reduces damage taken by everyone in your group by 50%

(Requires Strength of Will Rank 5)

File:Second Wind.png Second Wind 0/1 PvP Rank 6 15 Instant 15 Seconds The Warrior heals themselves:

1 Point: 250 Health. 2 Points: 600 Health. 3 Points: 800 Health. (Requires Berserker Defense Rank 5)

Aura of Vengeful Wrath.png Aura of Vengeful Wrath 0/1 PvP Rank 6 10 Instant While active, when a nearby party member is struck in combat the Warrior gains a 2% increase in Attack Power for 6 seconds per application, up to 10 applications.

(Requires Tactical Strike Rank 5)

File:Unstoppable Force.png Unstoppable Force 0/1 PvP Rank 6 10 Instant 5 minutes The Warrior breaks free from and becomes immune to all Snare and Root effects for 10 Seconds

(Requires Furious Blades Rank 5)

Root Advancement[]

Icon Name Points Energy Range Cast Cooldown Description
Break Free.png Break Free Instant 5 Minutes Removes all crowd control and movement impairing effects. Does not trigger a global cooldown.
File:Guard.png Guard 5 35 20 Instant 30 Seconds 25% of target's damage is intercepted by the Warrior. This ability is not affected by the global cooldown.
File:Thunderous Leap.png Thunderous Leap 10 10 20 Instant 45 Seconds Leaps into a group of enemies, dealing 77 to 77 physical damage, in addition to stunning enemies within 5 meters for 1 second.
File:Trauma.png Trauma 15 20 Instant 30 Seconds Mark the enemy, reducing healing received by 30% for 15 seconds.
File:Hold the Line.png Hold the Line 20 25 Instant 2 Minutes Increases the Dodge, Block and Parry of all nearby allies by 10% for 30 seconds.