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The Dragon Cult associated with Maelforge, the dragon of fire. Members of the cult are pyromanics who only wish to set things on fire and watch them burn; as Maelforge is the embodiment of chaos, so are his followers. The cult is always clashing with House Aelfwar of Greenscale due to their conflicting goals.

Cult of Maelforge: The Wanton[edit | edit source]

The Wanton revel in senseless violence and brutality. For these cultists, the only goal of conflict is more conflict. Devastation, fire, and chaos fan the flames of the Wanton’s passions, their dearest desire to sow mayhem. Every person killed, every town destroyed, every forest burned is a sacrifice to Maelforge.

The least organized but most fanatically loyal dragon cult, the Wanton ranks boast many monstrous humanoids such as goblins or dragonians. In Telaran communities, cells of Wanton can rise up suddenly, burning and despoiling in huge swathes before dying out. Many cultists seek to emulate the brutal centaurs: doing violence without honor, seeking a meaningless death, a body-count their only contribution to the world.

Ritual sacrifice is common among the Wanton. The dismembered limbs and spilled gore of their victims fueling the cultists’ hideous magic. As the Flame Sire decrees, death sows the seeds of new destruction.[1] [2]

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