Masters of martial combat

Weapons, tactics and combat are the mainstays of a Warrior’s life. Both the Barbarian raiding a village and the Knight commanding a column of troops adhere to the tenets of discipline, personal combat and martial training. Every Warrior knows how to fight in close quarters; to take a blow and deliver a mortal wound in return. As the elemental forces have closed around Telara, a growing number of Warriors have even incorporated magical techniques into their martial styles.

Warriors excel both as lone combatants or within a larger force, depending on what fighting styles they have mastered or chosen to employ. Warriors as a Calling have no shared ethos or background, but their training, mastery of weapons and enduring nature unite them in spirit. The noble Barbarian and corrupt Knight meet as equals on the battlefield.

Gameplay[ | ]

Front-line combatants without equal, Warriors reliably make up the core of any fighting force. These hardened and disciplined fighters never falter, and can be counted on to protect those weaker than themselves. But their virtue is not a defining characteristic. Many Warriors conceal sinister motives; every battle is a chance to slake their blood-lust. A Warrior knows that the key to victory is to outlast one’s foe, carefully waiting for the opportune moment to mount a devastating assault. To this end, Warriors will spend decades training their bodies, building up a reservoir of endurance to see them through any fight.

Mechanics[ | ]

The Warrior does not use mana. Instead he uses power, which might remind you of stamina or energy in some other games. Power replenishes much quicker than mana, and is often used far faster. Another interesting mechanic the warrior uses is action points. Action points are displayed as red swords under your health bar. The maximum amount of action points a warrior can have is three.

Certain abilities, called Builders, grant the Warrior actions points when used, and so-called Finisher abilities consume them. The effectiveness of abilities that consume actions points will increase based on how many action points a warrior has when he performs that ability.

Action points will not go away unless the warrior chooses to use an ability that consumes them.

Equipment[ | ]

Warriors are melee fighters who rely on heavy plate armor for protection as they close with their opponents. Many augment their armor with large, sturdy shields built to deflect even the fiercest blow. Some shield users have even learned how to use their shield as a weapon. Others forgo this extra protection, wielding massive axes, swords or glaives to cut a swath through their enemies. [1]

Souls[ | ]

Soul beastmaster
Soul champion
Soul paladin
Soul paragon
Soul reaver
Soul riftblade
Soul voidknight
Void Knight
Soul warlord
Soul warrior
Vindicator (PvP)

References[ | ]

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