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Weaponsmithing is a crafting profession to create weapons.

Weaponsmiths benefit most from the Mining and Foraging gathering professions. Ore is required for melee weapons and guns, while wood gathered by Foraging is used to make bows.

Trainers[ | ]

A Weaponsmithing trainer can only teach you recipes and profession levels up to their own level. This means a Novice Weaponsmith NPC will be unable to teach you a recipe for which the Skilled Weaponsmith profession grade is required. Master Weaponsmithing trainers may be found in faction capital cities, while other Weaponsmithing trainers can be found throughout Telara.

Trainers can be found in the following locations:

Guardian Areas[ | ]

Defiant Areas[ | ]

Contested Areas[ | ]

Recipe Vendors[ | ]

Weaponsmithing Recipe vendors sell recipes for crafted items that cannot be trained by visiting a Weaponsmithing trainer. Many of these vendors sell recipes that allow Weaponsmiths to create rare (or better) quality items, but these vendors also require Artisan Marks or Weaponsmith Plaques as currency. Players may complete daily Weaponsmithing quests in order to obtain these currencies.

  • Note: Faction quartermasters often sell crafting recipes, including Weaponsmithing recipes, but are not considered to be Weaponsmithing recipe vendors.

Recipe Vendors can be found in the following locations:

Guardian Areas[ | ]

Defiant Areas[ | ]

Recipes[ | ]

For a complete list of recipes and how to obtain them, see Weaponsmithing/Recipes.

Salvaging Weapons[ | ]

Weaponsmiths can break down a weapon into base materials using the Salvage Weapons ability.

The targeted item must be of uncommon rarity or better.

For more details, see Salvaging.

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