Winds of Chaos is a 10-man raid Air Rift.

Requires (obtain in your capital city, in the planar area):

  • Honored with Zephyiran Collective
  • 500 [Planarite]
  • 10 Corrupted Souls

Information & Strategy[ | ]

  • Phase 1 - Air Nexus
  • Phase 2 - Air Elementals
  • Phase 3 - Stormlords
  • Phase 4 - Lots of AOE packs
  • Phase 5 - Cruciath the Dragon

For the first 3 phases there are 4 air pillars around the edges.

These pillars have beams of lightning going between them appears in a cycle, sometimes only around the outside, other times around some outer edges and cutting through the middle. However due to graphical errors it's not always easy to see this.

As a rule of thumb - don't stand in the direct line between any two pillars.

Phase 1 - Air Nexus[ | ]

The two birds should be picked up by your tanks and taken to the edges of the rift (outside of the square formed by the pillars). All your dps then needs to burn down the nexus, it's recommended that your four best dps take the storm crystals around the nexus to get a 30% damage buff. They then need to stay inside the rift to keep the buff. Once the nexus is dead the birds should then be killed. The nexus does an AoE melee knock back that can put people into the lightning beams, people need to move out of this asap But be careful for a debuff that damages you as you move. The debuff needs to be dispelled and melee especially need to be careful not to kill themselves with it. That debuff is a recrurring theme in almost every phase of the rift event.

Phase 2[ | ]

Spawns two Air elementals. These are extremely easy tactically but hit the tank relatively hard so they should be pulled one at a time and can be pulled out of the aformentioned lightning pillars to make the fight even easier.

Phase 3 - Stormlords[ | ]

This is the first timed section and will reward loot if successfully completed. They have to be pulled at the same time with one tank per mob. Choose a target to kill first and kill it. The movement damage buff is back and also the stormlords will randomly teleport (but keep aggro) around inside the lightning area. They also tend to place themselves where the lightning beams can be so melee need to be careful. After this phase the lighting pillars despawn and phase 4 begins.

Phase 4. AOE Packs[ | ]

This consists of 2 packs of AoE mobs that should be picked individually by your tanks and nuked down. It is best to have one tank cover one spawn location and another on the other location Then the dps just switches between these two packs.

Phase 5 - Cruciath[ | ]

In a 10 man group she will require two tanks stacked up on each other to soak her cleave and an offtank (can be a melee) to pick up the two whelps that spawn.

Cruciath should be picked up and the tanks should stand on top of each other. You raid needs to be away from her backside as she has a nasty tail swipe.

She also puts a thunderstorm above the tanks (made visible by a bright pink circle on the floor) In 10 man your tanks should just move out of this moving the boss slightly (so the raid has to be ready to move also)

She will also summon adds that need to be picked up as mentioned, but also need to be taken away from her and killed as they give cruciath -10% damage taken per add.

They spawn 2 at a time

Both Cruciath and the Whelp adds have a knockback which simply means the tanks have to keep bringing her back into posistion

Cruciath's knockback is called Lightning breath and causes high tank damage which needs to be outhealed She is a simple matter of killing adds then nuking her down. Watching out for the abilites as mentioned. Ohh that nasty movement lightning debuff is back. Melee/dispellers need to be on the look out.

Reference[ | ]

Initial information courtesy of the guild Imortalis Noctis -