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Diverse sorts of wood grow throughout all areas of Telara. They can be crafted into Ingredients for many powerful Recipes that Apothecaries and Weaponsmith can craft. The Foraging profession is required to collect ingredients from wood locations. The location of nearby wood is shown on the Minimap once the Foraging skill has been activated. Collecting wood from a location will cause the log / timber to be consumed, i. e. it will disappear and can not be collected from again until it respawns.

List of sorts of Wood[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of ingredients that can be collected from the respective sorts of wood. These ingredients are used in recipes by either the Apothecary or Weaponsmith. More than 1 ingredient maybe collected from a single wood location.

Icon Name Skill Found In
Yew Timber.jpg Yew Timber 1 Freemarch, Silverwood
File:Ashwood Log.jpg Ashwood Log 35 Freemarch, Silverwood
Oak Log.jpg Oak Log 75 Stonefield
Mahogany Log.jpg Mahogany Log 115 ?
Kingswood Log.jpg Kingswood Log 145 ?
Runebirch Log.jpg Runebirch Log 185 ?
File:Sagebrush Log.jpg Sagebrush Log ? ?