Every few hours, each zone is invaded by one of the planes. The zone is overrun by many rifts and swarms of invasions; both Guardian and Defiant settlements will be attacked by the invading planar enemies.

A zone quest appears for every player in the zone, requiring the player to complete certain objectives in order to acquire rare Planar Currencies.


A certain undisclosed number of players are required for a zone event to begin; many more players must be present for a massive invasion to start. About five minutes prior to an event, a zone-wide message appears announcing hints to the type of invasion.

There are two types of zone invasions. The minor invasions require players to close rifts, defend the zone's Wardstones from the invading planar enemies, defeat the invasion forces, and finally kill a boss from the invading plane. Massive invasions, the second type of zone event, require players to defeat elite forces and defend a particular wardstone. Massive invasions have quest-like objectives, often requiring players to interact with objects and kill specific enemies. Unlike minor invasions, massive invasions do not always culminate in a battle against a single powerful boss. These massive invasions are also marked by a change in the color of the sky.


Every rift, invasion, and foothold destroyed in the completion of the zone quest objective yields some amount of Planarite. Equipment, artifacts, and various consumable items also have a chance to drop. Certain enemies have a chance to drop rare Planar Currencies as well. Players earn another reward after completing the event quest, which is usually a large amount of Planarite and either a rare sourceshard for a minor invasion or an epic sourcestone for a massive invasion. Players may gain this reward even if they did not participate in the boss kill; players may acquire this reward from merely sealing rifts and killing invasions.